Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Manaiakalani film festival

Manaiakalani film festival

Every year, for about 12 year 13 different schools
has been going for manaiakalani film festival and
tomorrow  Room 6 will be showing our movie about
New Zealand history and how we should keep New
zealand nice and clean. On Wed, 13 of Nov the
manaiakalani films will be held at sylvia park movies.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

WALT: Narrative our own story.

WALT: Narrative our own story.

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Jake,
he lived in a small house with his stepmother annie.
Jake and his best friend Michael loves to go on
adventures, One day when Jake and Michael were
walking in the forest they heard a mysterious sound.
When they check it out it was a huge book, “WOW It
looks really special” Jake blurted to michael. “Lets see
what it does”. Jake and michael opened the book
really slowly and it took them to a new dimension were
you could dinosaurs again, they were flying on top of the
huge book they sawed in the forest. "WOW we are so
high up" muttered Michael "I know, this is really
cool" reply Jake. They took an amazing adventures
explored different places.


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Cleaning our school Environment - Fine

Cleaning our school Environment

“I feel so tired being the only one cleaning this school
I think I want to resign,” said Mike, He was very upset
because he has to wake up early everyday and he is
always very exhausted.“ We need to help Mike pick up
the rubbish because he felt very upset picking up the
rubbish all by himself” said Mrs. Sharma so we all decided
that we would help Mike pick up rubbish in our school.
From now on every morning before school starts
we would get our badges, our plastic bags, our gloves
and then we’d head  outside to pick up rubbish.

When Mike heard we were helping him pick up the
rubbish he was a bit shocked and happy we were
helping him. Then one day one of our classmates
gave mike lollies and a card to say thank you for always
cleaning environment. That girl wish she could put a happy
smile on Mike's face and it did. Mike was so happy that we
were helping him to clean.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Going to Rainbow ends - Fine

Going to Rainbow Ends

‘Get in the car we are going on’ yelled mum, we all rush
in the car, we all head over to PAK'nSAVE to get a  few
snacks, then we all headed to Rainbow ends. I was
excited and a bit nervous to go in because we're was
lots of people where, When we got into rainbow ends
I was so excited to go on the Bumper cars, roller
coaster and the 3D movie in door roller coaster.

 When me and my sister went into the Bumper cars with my brothers it was fun because we would all way bumped into each other. Then we went to the kidz kingdom and had a little play there with my sister. ‘I feel hungry now’ my sister said ‘Ok let go and eat’ I say. So we went to mum and eat cookies and chips, Then we head over there they were holding a show, My sister was laughing hard out because the people who were doing the show was dancing weirdly. At the end we met up with my brothers we went to go eat ice cream, and go inside the 3D movie in door roller coaster, we had to wear 3D glasses when we went in I was so excited and a little bit nervous for that it’s going to be, but I just want for it, We were all searcy at the top of our Voices.   

Monday, September 23, 2019


Tafoe O - Fine

  • What is Te Tafoe” 
 Te Tafoe is a type of song.

  • What is the song about?
    The words of the song is about a
Tokelau war crying. It tells the warriors
Kaufao to be alert and also to sant on
this ground to battle for victory. 

  • How did Paulino Tuwhala learn the art of talatala?
    He learned the art of talatala by watching
his grandad, uncles and his dad do it.
Later on he went to the school
of fine art in samoa for three years.    

  • Use google drawing to show the steps on how to make a foe?