Saturday, February 16, 2019


Fact about  seagulls.

When you go to lake Rotorua you
can see a group of seagulls
flying. Seagulls love living in warm arma
like mission bay. There are different
type of seagulls around this arma  like
Black-backed gull, Red-billed gulls and
Black-back seagulls. When it’s spring
seagulls make their nest on a rock near
the sea but other birds make their nest
on trees.

Friday, February 15, 2019



When you go to Rotorua watch out for
cheeky Sea Gulls!
They can swoop low to get you Lunch!

Red Billed, Black Billed, Black Back!
Seagulls eating your lunch as soon
as you come it will be Finished in one!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


We got gifts from Santa yesterday. The people who were giving gifts 
did not even know us.
But they were extending their kindness to us and were reaching out to people whom they did not know.
This also reminded me of saturday news.
 it said that a girl named Grace got killed in west Auckland when she was visiting New Zealand. I Feel sad because that man had no reason to kill her.

What makes me happy is that there are good people as well, like the ones who gave use Christmas gifts. I want to pay their kindness back.

I want to spread the message of christmas to everyone. Please be kind and helpful to all human beings because my teacher Mrs Sharma said what goes around come around. Like if you
 be kind to someone they will be kind to you.

I want to reach out to every
person I come across. I cannot give
them gifts because I do not earn
money. But I can be polite, kind, helpful and sharing.