Saturday, May 18, 2019

This is my work about New Zealand At Wars. I hope you enjoy : )

New Zealand At Wars

In The 1850s the new settlements grew & the Pakeha had more
power over New Zealand.

Farmers wanted more & more land but the maori did not want to
sell their land. This was especially true of the waikato & Taranaki Areas.

For maori the land was sacred a had on to their grandchildren
as a gift.

Many maori were worried that the Europeans were getting
stronger & more control.

Numerous become worried when they saw the European
population rapidly enlarge. Then by 1858 there were as many
Pakeha as Maori in Aotearoa
(New Zealand).  

There were also question of who owned the land. Some Maori
even sold the land which they did not own. And in the past such
many arguments has been settled by fighting.

But Then in 1860 the war stop between the British
soldiers & the north land tribles. Battles were in
Taranaki the waikato and also near Tauranga.      

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Length & Width. Hope you enjoy : )

Length & Width

Today me and my class learned
how to Measure Length & Width.
First we measure our class room
for Length it was 8 meter & 16 cm
for Width it was 8 meter & 72 cm.
Then we got into groups and my
group had to Measure the Vegetable
garden. We had to Measure the
Length & the Width. First we
Measure the Length and it was 9
meters & 10 cm then we Measure
Width it was 9 meters & 80cm. We
found out that the longs out of
Length & Width was Length.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Watching the Lego Movie 2 with my Siblings 😇😇

Kia ora, Talofa lava, Malo lelei Welcome back to my blog, have you heard
a movie called the Lego Movie 2 it just came out in 11 April 2019 and I'm
so excited to watch it and finally today me and my siblings will watch the
movie. When me and my siblings watched the movie it was a very funny, interesting, cool
amazing and fantastic. For me and my siblings our favorite part in the movie was
The song Catchy, and how Wyldstylele and some of her friends got taken to go
to space so they could go to Queen Watervra Wa-Nabi. When they were in space
going to Queen Watervra Wa-Nabi, Wyldstyle sawed one of the Heart Bomb and
when he tried to grab it the Heart Bomb say Hello but in a cute way then the Captain
that was flying the Rocket say who said that then Wyldstyle say that was me then she
say Hello but in a Terrible way. My and my Sibling Really ENJOY the lego movie 2. Can't
wait for The lego movie 3 to come out 😇😇


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Friday, April 26, 2019

The big event in Tonga 🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴. Hope you enjoy : )

The big event in Tonga
Malo lelei welcome back to my blog, today I will be blogging about
the big event in Tonga. ‘ What is Happening in Tonga and what kind
of event are they doing?’ In tonga they have the high school athletics
day and it’s a very big day for everyone. One thing different about
there athletics day that it goes on for only 4 days  and it’s so cool
and amazing. One of the sport they had to was long jump, high jump,
Shot put, Discus and of course 🏃‍♀️ running. But they had to run for
1500m because there in high school. Me and my family was watching
the athletics on Youtube and we were Supporting the other high
school in tonga. The high in tonga that I saw in the athletics sport
was Tonga High school, Vava’u, Ha’apai, ‘Eua, Niuatoputapu District,
Niuafo'ou District and Lianona High school. This event in Tonga
started in Tuesday 23 of April and ended in Friday the 26 of
April which ends today.

Hope you enjoy my work readers : )

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Sunday, April 21, 2019


This is me and my siblings work we did for our MUM.

Hope you Enjoy : ) !!

Easter movies night with my family.

Easter movies night with my family.

Malo e lelei readers welcome back to my blog because it’s Easter where’s a lot of  movies on Tv. One of the movies me and my family watched was Hop, Minions & Descendants 2. My favourite part in the movie Hop was how the Easter bunny E.B fighted the Chicken carlos, One of the funny part I like in the  Minions movie was how Bob was so excited to go with Kevin on a adventure to look for a new boss Because without any boss they won't know what to do. The Exciting part in Descendants 2 was how Mal & Uma had a fight and king Ben try to stop it.

For me and my family we had a fantastic movie night !! 🎥
I hope you and your family have a fantastic night : )

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Kia ora, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei and welcome
back to blog I will be telling you how me and
my family celebration our Easter together. In
Easter morning me and my Siblings quickly
prepare ourselves the special gift we also
Practice what we were going to said. We all
felt proud of our letter that we had for our
mum and she also felt special, Then we gave
her a big hugged. Then our mum said that
we could eat our Easter candy and  I handed
it out favourite Chocolate candy out of all
of they was the Kinder Surprise & the
crunchie big Easter egg.

And thank you for reading my blog. Hope you
and your family have a happy Easter too : ) !!

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