Wednesday, August 5, 2020


My Dream Holiday

Kia Orana and welcome back to my blog. So I want you to Imagine you won $50,000 NZD. You can go anywhere in the world with ONE friend. You have to fly out of Auckland, NZ and back to Auckland NZ. You can have a 7 day holiday and do anything. You will need to budget and plan for everything (food, flights, accommodation, transport, activities etc).

If I won $50,000 NZD and can go anywhere in the world I would maybe go to Sydney because they have really amazing food and If i had to go with one friend then I would go with my friend Josephine.


Things to consider:
  • Where are you going to go? Australia, Sydney
  • What airline will you fly? Jetstar
  • How much does a ticket cost? $302 x 2 = $604
  • You need a ticket for you AND your friend. 
  • You will need a buy a return ticket. Round trip ($302 x 2 = $604)
  • What are your departure and return dates? 5th of sep - 12th of sep 
  • What are your flight numbers? 13 and 14
  • How much money do you have left over once you’ve bought your ticket: $49,698
How long does it take to fly there? = 6:15 - 10:00 3 h 45 m

  • Where will you stay when you travel: Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour
  • How much is it per night: $441
  • How much is it to book a room: $2,416
  • Will you and your friend share a room or have separate rooms: Have same room.

  • How will you get from the airport to your hotel: We will rent a car for the whole week
  • How will you move around the places you are going to: We will rent a car for the whole week : Which cost for $157
  • What maps will you need of the areas you are visiting? Sydney Area Map
  • How much money will you need for transport? $157

Now I want you to Imagine the same thing, make sure you tell me in the comments and feel free to give me feedback.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

How to calculate the Mean, Median, Mode and Range.

Malo e lelei, Kia ora and greetings to you all, Today's blog post is about how to calculate the mean, median and mode.

Mean : To calculate the Mean you have to add all the number together then divide it by the amount of numbers.


7, 19, 22, 12, 15

7 + 19 +22 + 12 + 15 = 75
75 divided by 5 = 15

Median : To calculate the Median you have to put the numbers to smallest to biggest and the number that's in the middle is the median and if there's two number in the middle then you add them together the divide it by 2.


4, 17, 42, 5, 12, 57

4, 5, 12, 17, 42, 57 

12 + 17 = 29 
29 divided by 2 = 14.5

Mode : If the number is repeated more then once then that's the mode but if there's no number that repeats then there's no mode.


5, 5, 7, 9, 11, 10 

The mode is 5!!

Range : To get the Range you have to put the numbers to highest to lowest or lowest to highest.


5, 13, 4, 32, 105, 54, 27

105 = 4 ( So the Range is 105 to 4)

I really hope that this help you learn how to Calculate the Mean, median, mode and Range and I hope you enjoyed today's blog post. Goodbye and feel free to give me feedback om my work.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Stem Leaf

Malo e lelei, Kia ora and greetings to you all, today's blog post is about How to calculator the Mean, Median and Mode.

So here's a little video on how to calculator the Mean, Median and Mode.

What is Genomics

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Why bullying is bad - Fine

Malo e lelei, Kia Ora and greetings to you all, today blog is about why bullying is bad. Today me and my friends Falakika and Josephine created a google sides to Convince the people out there why bullying is bad and why this needs to stop.