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My Easter facts

                                 Easter facts

Malo e lelei and welcome to my blog today I will be blogging about fact I know on Easter ! Easter is the day then Jesus Christ sacrifice himself and die on the cross. Easter is the time then we celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, people goes to church because it's a very special day to keep it Holy. Some people believed that  the word Easter came from the pagan holiday honoring Eostre the pagan goddess of Spring which symbolized rebirth. But did you know that easter is also called Pascha or Resurrection !
Easter is so important to me like other christanty people because it is talking about that Jesus of Nazareth died for me and you because of our sin.

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And hope you enjoy your easter with your family : ) !!!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

William Colenso

William Colenso

William Colenso was born in Cornwall, England.
His dream was to be a printer so he can make
books, Newspaper & magazine. When he was 15
he started training to become a printer. In 1834
William arrived in the Bay of Islands on the
beach. He came to work as a printer for the
missionaries. New Zealand first ever printing
press was carried in the north land on the
bay of islands beach he got helped from the
Maori to carry it. Then three years later
William printing the first ever New Zealand
book. William made 5000 books that had
Been translated in Maori like the treaty
of waitangi & the Bible. Then a few days
later William became a missionary. With
a help from the Maori guides his journeyed
through the thick forest and arousing higher
and higher mountain to reach Maori villages.
He only travel on foot like ever Maori do, he
went to place in New Zealand that no other
European he'd ever gone before. He had
went from Hawkes Bay to Wellington to Inland
to Taupe. In one of his Journeyed he found
a New Zealand native plant and felt in love
with it so he collected they on his adventure.
He also found moa bones and send it to
England and when they were finish putting
it together all the bones they found out
that is was 3.6 m tall. He hope to see
one in life his adventure but not knowing
that they were extinct. But because of
family problems he had to give up being a
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Monday, April 15, 2019

Sunday, April 14, 2019

This is my work on the Legend of Kupe. Hope You Enjoy : )


Several years ago Kupe  and his Family began sailing from Hawaii in great canoe to Aotearoa.            

After a while Kupe Wife find clouds on the horizon lifting so they know they were close to land.    
Then they got to Aotearoa he find a green stone in the south land of Aotearoa (New zealand) and also discovered beautiful things.
In the began of his adventure he saw a very tall animal called moa it was 3M tall. And it was very different to there tropical Island

Had other people arrived here before me? Kupe asked himself. Some of the Legend about him say when he arrived to Aotearoa where was only tick fortes and only frog, bird and insects. But in other story he saw people digging up fern roots for food. After many many adventures Kupe decided to sailed to the northland of New Zealand again, following the west coast to Hokianga.
Finally Kupe and his family returned home across the sea to go back to Hawaiki. He could not wait until he goes back to Hawaiki so he can show the people what he had found in New Zealand. He brought along he’s green stone and told everyone about the large moa he sawed. Now people from Hawaiki followed the legend across the sea to New Zealand.

This is my more european settlers slide work. Enjoy : )

Maui & The Sun. Hope you enjoy : )

Maui & The Sun
Several years ago the sun would go around very fast
and people couldn't finish off there work. The days
were to short and the night were to long there was
very little time for them to do what they had to do.
The village asked Maui if he could help them, what
can we do to get the day’s longer. So Maui called
everyone from the village together, they work as
a team, they made long robes from flags help
from all the  womens in the village, together
Maui and his brothers walk to the edge of
the world were the sun sleeps. “ We will
use the ropes to make a snare and we will
cathe the sun ” Maui told his brothers.
Finally the robes was ready so Maui and
his four brothers prepared themselves for
the long Journey. Maui and his brother
want off to the east to where the sun
rises each day. They traveled secretly
at the night while the sun slept carrying
the flux ropes with them they sprayed
the snare across  the sky so it was easy
to catch the sun when it rise they hid
behind the rock and waited until the
day began to down Maui hauled his
magic Joven in one hand and the
ropes of the snare in the other
hand. When the sun rise Maui
shouted “pull the ropes quickly
pull!! ” hold him brothers while
I beat him with my magic Joven
on the sun, the sun started to
say let me go let me go you
are hurting me. The brothers
pull harder and harder Maui beat
the sun with his magic weapon the
sun started to become so trained
on a scram of pain and he said stop
it stop it let me go, Why are you
hearing me? Because you move too
quickly across the sky each day but
you must promise me that you will
go slowly around the sky each day.
I promise I promise said painly so
Maui brothers let's go of the
ropes. So each day when the
sun rise up he remembers  to
go slowly a around the sky
each day and the people now
can finish off their work
Just because of the help
we can all get from Maui
and his four brothers .
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This is my side on Captain James Cook's First Voyage To New Zealand. Hope you Enjoy : )