Sunday, January 5, 2020

Friday, December 13, 2019


Malo e lelei, Kia ora, Talofa lava and
welcome back to
my blog today I will be blogging
about a little bit of the
time when my school had a group of
people and santa coming
to our school and giving us gifts.
Hope you all enjoy :)


Every year at Tamaki we have a group
of people who come to our school
and gives us some Christmas presents.
Last week, my teacher told us all
that Santa and a group of people will
becoming to our school on Monday
the 9th of December to give us presents.
We were all excited so we all
started writing down the things we wanted. 

(This is what I wrote)

Dear Santa, 

Malo e lele my name is Fine from Tamaki
primary school at Room 6, I’m an 11 year
old girl who really works hard on
achieving my goals for next year. And I really
hope I made it to your nice list.
For Christmas I would love to have
earphones (from the warehouse that is just for
$4. 50) shoes for girls sizes 10 US and a silver heart
necklaces (from the warehouse again but for just
$12.00) and a purple school bag. Please santa, and
thank you for putting a smile on everyone's faces on
christmas. I hope you and your family will have
christmas too.

Kind regards, 

By Fine

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Vote 4 me to become your student leader 4 2020

Malo e lelei, Kia ora, talofa lava and greetings to you all, my name
is Fine, I’m 11 years old, in room 6 who really works hard on Achieving
my goals, and I’m running to become a student leader for 2020. The
reason why I want to be a student leader is because this is a great
Opportunity to be one and so I could be a good Example to all students
and to encourage them to follow their dreams and to never give up. If
there was one thing I could change about this school to make it better
is to stop bullying other people, and I will start with myself by trying not
to make some cry or hurt. The skills that I have is positive language, self
control, listening skills, teamwork, kindness, I am good at reading, writing
and Maths and I feel I can help little children with their learning.

 I will be grateful if you vote for me Fine, today to become your student
leader for 2020, Thank you for listening.

Friday, December 6, 2019

My Pepeha in Tongan and Te reo

Malo e lelei, Kia orana, talofa lava and greetings to you all,
in case you haven't hear the year 3-8 has been in summer learning journey and for week 1 we are learning about arts and entertainment. For this activity we have to make our own pepeha and you can make it in any language that you wish, and I chosen to say my pepeha in Tongan and Te reo Maori. (Sorry if I get some of the maori words wrong I don't know much maori.)