Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Why are Rhinos endangered? By Fine

Why are Rhinos endangered?

People kill rhinoceros for their horns, meat and skin. They use
the meat to feed their family and the skins to make clothes and the
horn are to make money because they are worth more than
diamonds. The Rhinos horn are made out of our Hair and fingernails.

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Friday, July 26, 2019

Rainforests By Fine

Malo e lelei and welcome back to my blog, this week my class learned about what are the Animals different habitats and one of them are rainforests. And that is what I will be blog today. Setdown and enjoy my work, on rainforests.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

budgie buying - By Fine

Alison goes to the pet shop to buy a pet with her birthday money. Her mother reminds her that she has $ 70 to spend in total. The shopkeeper always round the total purchase to the nearest 5c. Alison decides to buy a blue budgie. She then look around at the accessories she might need for her budgie.

Cage 1 - $ 30.00
Cage 2 -$ 40.50
Cage 3 - $ 45.00
Blue budgie - $ 10
Bell - $ 3.20
Seeds - $ 3.40
Mirror - $ 3.10
Millet - $ 1.80
Seed catcher - $ 6.50
Seed dispenser - 3.50
Water dispenser- $ 4.20
Cage cover - $ 5.70
Perch - $3.70
Ladder - $4.80
Cuttlefish - 2.50

Alison chooses the cheapest cage, two packets of seed, and 500 grams of millet. How much does she pay altogether for these items and her new budgie?
How much of her $ 70 has she got left?

Cage 1 - $ 30.00
Seeds - $ 6.80
500 grams of Millet - $ 1.25
                                                                          = $ 11.05
- $11.05

The next week, The pet shop has a sale. Everything is half price. Alison decides to buy a mirror, a water dispenser, and a seed dispenser. How much does Alison pay altogether for these three items? She then decides to buy a seed catcher and a cage cover. How much does she pay altogether for these two items? How much has she got left from her $70.

Mirror - $ 2.55
Water dispenser- $ 2.10
Seed dispenser - $ 2.50
Seed catcher - $ 3.25
Cage cover - $  2.53


Alison visits the pet shop two days later to buy an extra perch at sale price . If she gives the shopkeeper $10, What change does she got back?
Perch - 2.53 / She got back $ 8.53
If Alison buys a bell, a ladder, and a cuttlefish ( all still on sale), does she have enough money left to buy another packet of seeds?

Bell - $ 3.20
Ladder - $4.80
Cuttlefish - 2.50
=    10.50




Preparing a cup of Hot Milo

Preparing a cup of Hot Milo

  • Three teaspoons of Milo
  • Two teaspoons of sugar
  • Half a cup of fresh milk
  • Some Hot Water
  • A cup  


Get a clean cup. Put In three teaspoons of Milo into the
cup. Add two teaspoons of sugar in the cup Fill Half a cup of Hot water. Stir it well until the Milo and Sugar dissolves. Fill the rest of the
cup with fresh Milk. Then stir it lightly. Milo can be best enjoy on a cold
morning enjoy.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Happy 13 birthday Fe'ao

Malo e lelei, Kia orana and welcome back to my blog, Last week sunday was
my brother Fe'ao.
And it was so fun. This is for you Fe'ao Happy 13 birthday.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

The end of term 2 By Fine

The End Of Term 2 

Aloha, Malo e lelei and welcome back to my blog yesterday
was the end of the term 2 which means were on holidayπŸ˜„.
I did a lot this term I of the thing I like about it was the matariki
challenge our class did.  We had to get into teams. The people I had in me
team was christina (my best friend) and Punua. We had to design a Kite
that can fly and it also has to look like a matariki a kite.
Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all will have a safe and fun
holiday. See you all next time.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Classification of animals. By FINE


Molluscs are cold blooded and Molluscs do not have backbone.
    Molluscs has soft bodies and many have hard external shells. They lay eggs.
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Fish are cold blooded. Fish live in water and have fins not legs. Fish has gills instead
of lungs to breathe underwater. And lay their eggs in water.   
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Invertebrates are cold blooded and they do not have a backbone
and hatch from eggs. Some have exoskeletons and about 85% of all animals are arthropods.

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Birds are warm blooded they also have beaks.
They have wings and feathers and also two legs. They lay eggs in their nest. 
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Amphibians are cold blooded and live on land and water just live reptiles.
They lay eggs. They also have moist skin and webbed feet.
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Reptiles are cold blooded. Reptiles have scales not fur, ear holes not ears.
Reptiles also have dry skin. And they also live on land and water.
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Mammals are warm blooded. Their young their mother’s milk.
We are mammals have hair or fur.
Give birth to live young.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Richard owen’s giant mystery By Fine

Richard owen’s giant mystery

It all began in London, England 18 october 1839 when a man appeared
in Richard owen’s doorway. The visitor was determined to show the
professor the Mysterious bone that was covered in paper.

It wasn't a good idea to interrupt Richard owen’s but he did it anyway
Because after all he came along way from sydney, Australia.  John Rule’s
piece of done wrapped all around tatty brown paper, had come even farther
from the East Coast of North Island of New Zealand. And it also came with a
beautiful story.   

Before the Professor could complain about the interruption, John Rule started
to begged so he can  listen to his amazing story. So he set down to hear his
story it went like this John Rule had a nephew in New Zealand named
John Harris. He was one of  the first European traders to live on the East
Coast. A Māori had given Harris the bone, saying this done is very special
it had come from a giant bird. Then he gave it to his uncle John Rule in
Sydney, Australia and that is why I travelled from Sydney, Australia  to
here so I could show it to you.