Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Richard owen’s giant mystery By Fine

Richard owen’s giant mystery

It all began in London, England 18 october 1839 when a man appeared
in Richard owen’s doorway. The visitor was determined to show the
professor the Mysterious bone that was covered in paper.

It wasn't a good idea to interrupt Richard owen’s but he did it anyway
Because after all he came along way from sydney, Australia.  John Rule’s
piece of done wrapped all around tatty brown paper, had come even farther
from the East Coast of North Island of New Zealand. And it also came with a
beautiful story.   

Before the Professor could complain about the interruption, John Rule started
to begged so he can  listen to his amazing story. So he set down to hear his
story it went like this John Rule had a nephew in New Zealand named
John Harris. He was one of  the first European traders to live on the East
Coast. A Mฤori had given Harris the bone, saying this done is very special
it had come from a giant bird. Then he gave it to his uncle John Rule in
Sydney, Australia and that is why I travelled from Sydney, Australia  to
here so I could show it to you.

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