Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Classification of animals. By FINE


Molluscs are cold blooded and Molluscs do not have backbone.
    Molluscs has soft bodies and many have hard external shells. They lay eggs.
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Fish are cold blooded. Fish live in water and have fins not legs. Fish has gills instead
of lungs to breathe underwater. And lay their eggs in water.   
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Invertebrates are cold blooded and they do not have a backbone
and hatch from eggs. Some have exoskeletons and about 85% of all animals are arthropods.

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Birds are warm blooded they also have beaks.
They have wings and feathers and also two legs. They lay eggs in their nest. 
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Amphibians are cold blooded and live on land and water just live reptiles.
They lay eggs. They also have moist skin and webbed feet.
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Reptiles are cold blooded. Reptiles have scales not fur, ear holes not ears.
Reptiles also have dry skin. And they also live on land and water.
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Mammals are warm blooded. Their young their mother’s milk.
We are mammals have hair or fur.
Give birth to live young.

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