Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Global Warm.

This is Earth. Earth is  surrounded
by atmosphere.
Atmosphere is made out of
gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide,
methane and many more.
And Earth is a warm planet.
Carbon dioxide is Responsible
for trapping the sun heat on
Earth this is known as Greenhouse
Recently the level of carbon dioxide
has Increased because of the smoke
coming out of the factory and cars.
More carbon dioxide in the heat
means more absorption of heat.
This will make the Earth  warmer
and warmer. When the Earth is
warmer and warmer There will be
lots of heatwave and there be
wildfires in the jungle and more
carbon dioxide and habitat of
animals will be destroyed.
The glaciers will melt and water
in sea will rise and that it will
 cause a flood. Some of the
smaller islands will get submerged.
To slow global warming  we could grow more trees. Trees will Absorb carbon dioxide and make our earth cooler.

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