Friday, September 14, 2018

Auckland Museum.

Auckland Museum

Yesterday we went to the Auckland
Museum. First we went on the bus
to go on the trip. When we got there
we sat down to eat our morning tea.
When we were finished  eating we
explored the origins room with my
class. After exploring the origins
room we got Split up in group and
explored more about the museum.
My group and I explored the volcanoes
and when we went inside this house
I was shaking and scared for What's
gonna Happen. There was this big
screen that showed lots of houses
and  a Road, cars and the sky, a
big volcano which was far away.
Next the Tv went on after 3 minutes.

It was talk about what is going on.
There is a volcano underwater in
Rangitoto Island at Auckland.
In fact people is getting ready for
the volcano to explode. And Wilder
 the TV was on a talk about how
people were feel the TV turned
off and on and on, the house was
shaking and where were lots of
smoke coming out of the volcano
and the lights were turn off and on
and I was Screaming and scared
at the same time.

After the Volcano room  my
group and I walked to the
Butterflies room and it was
fun we cruel  inside this things
that looked like a caterpillar and
there was a TV that was  talk all
about butterflies and we explored
the butterflies room for a little bit.
While we were inside the butterfly
room we were coloring  a butterfly
and make them come to life and
I like the butterfly room it was fun
and cool. My Favourite place to
be at the Museum is the room that
 have all culture things. It’s is my
favourite room because I can learn
more about my culture and I could
learn about other people's culture.

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