Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Tongan Language Week

Last week was Tongan language week.
On Monday we had a school assembly
and we started off with the Tongan
National anthem and a hiva
(a Tongan song). The Tongan parents
were singing  with pride and the parents
felt emotional. Then,
Sofele’s dad, Mr. Fatai said
a prayer for a blessing to the
kids in our school. Next we
played the New Zealand National
anthem and then  two of the Kia
Manawanui came and talked to us
all about Tonga and in the end
Mr.Fatai came and said a pray
to end this assembly.
On Wednesday we had Tongan games at
lunchtime and there were four
different types of Tongan games
and it was fun. Friday was the
end the of the Tongan language
week. The classes were getting
ready and it was time for the
assembly. It started with the Tongan
 National anthem and next we sang
the New Zealand National anthem
and Mr. Fatai said a prayer to start.
Next Room 1 and Room 6 sung a Tongan
song and Room 8 showed us their
Tapa posters. We sung the happy birthday
song to two
birthday girls. It was Christine
from Rm 6 and Lily from Rm 6,
then we ended it with a Tongan prayer.
At lunchtime the whole school
had a Tongan feast! I had Pig,
potato salad and
The chocolate cake was delicious!!

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