Saturday, May 18, 2019

This is my work about New Zealand At Wars.

New Zealand At Wars

In The 1850s the new settlements grew & the Pakeha had more
power over New Zealand.

Farmers wanted more & more land but the maori did not want to
sell their land. This was especially true of the waikato & Taranaki Areas.

For maori the land was sacred a had on to their grandchildren
as a gift.

Many maori were worried that the Europeans were getting
stronger & more control.

Numerous become worried when they saw the European
population rapidly enlarge. Then by 1858 there were as many
Pakeha as Maori in Aotearoa
(New Zealand).  

There were also question of who owned the land. Some Maori
even sold the land which they did not own. And in the past such
many arguments has been settled by fighting.

But Then in 1860 the war stop between the British
soldiers & the north land tribles. Battles were in
Taranaki the waikato and also near Tauranga.      

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