Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Hongi Hika

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Hongi Hika is a powerful chief of the Ngapuhi
tribe in the north land. He wanted to take revenge
past defeats of his family members. Hongi Hika is
friendly with the missionaries and sometime a bit
unfriends with other Maori tribe. Hongi had quickly
realised that he and the people from his side could use
guns and easily defeat other tribe. In 1820
Hongi Hika, Thomas
and  other chief sailed to England. They also
helped an professor from England write the
first Maori dictionary and the grammar book.
Hongi wanted guns but Instead For a gift they
gave him a beautiful sword and suit of chain
armour. After his Visit to England he left to
go to Sydney in Australia to exchanged his gift
for 300 muskets and went back to New Zealand.
The other tribe only had axes and clubs to attack
the other Maori people but Hongi Hika and the people
from his side had guns that made it easier for them.
He kill over 5000 people but some was lucky to hide
in a safe place. Daring the war Hongi forgot to wear
his armour and he got short on the Chess and his 2
son die by the war but what comes around goes around.
And the other  tribe was Tired of fighting So they
Decided to give peace.

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