Sunday, April 14, 2019

This is my work on the Legend of Kupe. Hope You Enjoy : )


Several years ago Kupe  and his Family began sailing from Hawaii in great canoe to Aotearoa.            

After a while Kupe Wife find clouds on the horizon lifting so they know they were close to land.    
Then they got to Aotearoa he find a green stone in the south land of Aotearoa (New zealand) and also discovered beautiful things.
In the began of his adventure he saw a very tall animal called moa it was 3M tall. And it was very different to there tropical Island

Had other people arrived here before me? Kupe asked himself. Some of the Legend about him say when he arrived to Aotearoa where was only tick fortes and only frog, bird and insects. But in other story he saw people digging up fern roots for food. After many many adventures Kupe decided to sailed to the northland of New Zealand again, following the west coast to Hokianga.
Finally Kupe and his family returned home across the sea to go back to Hawaiki. He could not wait until he goes back to Hawaiki so he can show the people what he had found in New Zealand. He brought along he’s green stone and told everyone about the large moa he sawed. Now people from Hawaiki followed the legend across the sea to New Zealand.

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