Saturday, June 29, 2019

Ranginui & Papatuanuku By Fine

Ranginui & Papatuanuku 

Ranginui & Papatuanuku the sky father and the earth mother
fell in love in a warm embrace. But their seven children all male, lived
in their mother’s womb where it was very warm but very dark. They
wounded how it would feel like to live in the light. So they plan to spread
their father and mother. When Ranginui and papatuanuku fell asleep they
all porsche where father and mother away from each other and finally they
were spread. And they were happy to be in the sunlight but sad for where
father and mother. Papatuanuku was very upset and crying sad tears wishing
that he could be together with her and Ranginui was sad missing
Papatuanuku. So when it rains we known that Papatuanuku is cry.

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