Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The seven fish of Matariki

The seven fish of Matariki

Deep down in the moana lived a mother fish and her seven little baby fishes.
When  Mother fish was go out to find kai for her tamariki. She warned them about
the Tataraimaka the fierce giant. Kia tupato ( Be very careful) my tamariki while
I’m gone and stay close to the rock because today is the day they go fishing.
Then straight away a shadow fell over the fish. They all looked up into the harakeke
net of Tataraimaka. They cried for their whaea and their tears made the water very
salty. The seven little fish saw a smooth sea, the very bright sun and the waves
calling them to come and play. Soon forgetting everything their mother had said
to they started chasing each other out in the high seas. Then Tane, the god of the
forests and birds, heard the fishes cries. He felt very sorry, So he got the net and
threw it up in the heavens. Then the seven baby fishes turned into bright stars. And
we can always see then at May or early June.  
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