Thursday, June 6, 2019

When women were allowed to vote!!

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This Term my class learned about the New Zealand
Me and my friend Htoo say wah write about When
Women were allowed to vote.

When Women were allowed to vote - When did this started? On the 19 of September 1893.
In the 18th centuries the Britain's setted up a parliament for the New Zealand Women, but men could only vote for it. The idea was that men could do business work, while women do work at home.
Kate Sheppard the leader of the women got complains that it is not fair for all women to do all of the work at home while the men do business work at the city.
Then they talk about women getting to vote. They held public meetings and said that woman should be allowed to say things about who got into parliament because parliament passed laws that affected the women too.
They also said that the minds of the women were just as good as those of men, so women should be trusted to vote carefully. These kind of women were also called suffragettes. Another word for suffragettes is franchise. She is also on the New Zealand 10 dollar note.

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