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What is Matariki?

What is Matariki?

Matariki is something to do with the cluster of seven stars up in the sky known as
Pleiades Matariki is celebrated for 15 days. You can only see Matariki the star in
May or early June. The word Matariki mean tiny eyes which means Matariki is a
time when families get together to wish good fortune and making warm food and
also telling story about Matariki. One of the popular stories of Matariki is when sun
slowed down the sun and it was seriously wounded.

The sun hid inside the cave crying and crying then the day grow colder and colder
and winter was born. Maui felt very guilty people in his village you’re getting sick and
feeling very cold missing the sun wanted it to come back. Matariki is one of Matriki was
a cousin of Tama-Nui-Te-Ra,
the sun. Matariki decided to go and bring Tama-Nui-Te-Ra back.
So matariki and her six sisters set off to meet Tama-Nui-Te-Ra.
They sang a mysterious, soothing healing song until the sun was brightened and
warm again. Tama-Nui-Te-ra felt better and soon got. He came out of the cave and
gave this world warmth and light. This is how the Matariki star brought the sun back.
So every April when the seven sister disappear from the sky we know they have gone
to rescue the sun. They would be back Early June and bring the warmth of the sun to
the whole world.

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