Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Plastic pollution - By Fine

Did you know… That plastic is not biodegradable and it takes 500 year for a piece of plastic to decompose and only 4 % of plastic is recycled. If all the fish and sea animals all die then the food chains will get affected. And one fact you all should have known that when it rains it is lets out plastic.

Why is pollution a growing concern?

Pollution is causing global warming, and all the ice are heat up. Plant and animals are getting extinct. Food chains and food webs are getting affected. Air is polluted, and we are not getting clean air to breathe or fresh water to drink. This is also affecting human health.  

How does plastic damage our environment?

Plastic damage our environment when the people throw their rubbish in the open, then gets drafted to the oceans and kills our sea animals.  Lots of waste from the factories get drained into the ocean making the oceans poisonous. Smoke from factories and vehicles pollutes our air.     

How does plastic damage our oceans?

Many millions of tonnes of plastic enter the oceans each year. Researchers have found that plastic has reached the deepest part of the oceans. Plastic can get into the ocean directly if rubbish is blown from the beach or thrown from ships on the sea. 
What can we do to stop plastic pollution?

We should recycle plastic to stop Plastic Pollution. We should start using biodegradable products instead of plastic. Stop producing more and more plastic. There are plastic bottles, plastic bags and many more, People could reuse plastic bottles, plastic bags, etc or people could recycle. Instead of plastic bottles we can use glass cups, instead of plastic bags we can use a box or either a fabric bag, Instead of straws we can use a metal straw or just use your mouth to drink. 

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