Monday, September 16, 2019

Bike day at Tamaki.

Today at Tamaki we had a Bike day.
It was down at the bike shed.
 We had 25 bike of free to our school And the
whole school was there.

There were lots of activities to do. After Morning tea
the whole Syndicate went down to where the Bike
Crew Members were holding the activities. Me and
my friend Christine went to make our own badges.
We went to go look at the bikes but we didn’t want
to go on the bikes, Then we went over to Energy Music bike which was really cool. when you go on
the bike it will play songs as long as you keep paddling.
Then we went over to where we could decorate your
own bike with lots of things. 

When we all head back to class after that we head
back down to the hall for an assembly to say thank
you to all the people who give us 25 bikes to us for
free and who also help with everything and to the
people from our school who join to help out with the
bikes. When in Lunch time we were all called by
class by class to get our free sausages. After eating
our sausages me and my friend had a little play
before they end the bike day. 

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