Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Going to Rainbow ends - Fine

Going to Rainbow Ends

‘Get in the car we are going on’ yelled mum, we all rush
in the car, we all head over to PAK'nSAVE to get a  few
snacks, then we all headed to Rainbow ends. I was
excited and a bit nervous to go in because we're was
lots of people where, When we got into rainbow ends
I was so excited to go on the Bumper cars, roller
coaster and the 3D movie in door roller coaster.

 When me and my sister went into the Bumper cars with my brothers it was fun because we would all way bumped into each other. Then we went to the kidz kingdom and had a little play there with my sister. ‘I feel hungry now’ my sister said ‘Ok let go and eat’ I say. So we went to mum and eat cookies and chips, Then we head over there they were holding a show, My sister was laughing hard out because the people who were doing the show was dancing weirdly. At the end we met up with my brothers we went to go eat ice cream, and go inside the 3D movie in door roller coaster, we had to wear 3D glasses when we went in I was so excited and a little bit nervous for that it’s going to be, but I just want for it, We were all searcy at the top of our Voices.   

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