Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Cleaning our school Environment - Fine

Cleaning our school Environment

“I feel so tired being the only one cleaning this school
I think I want to resign,” said Mike, He was very upset
because he has to wake up early everyday and he is
always very exhausted.“ We need to help Mike pick up
the rubbish because he felt very upset picking up the
rubbish all by himself” said Mrs. Sharma so we all decided
that we would help Mike pick up rubbish in our school.
From now on every morning before school starts
we would get our badges, our plastic bags, our gloves
and then we’d head  outside to pick up rubbish.

When Mike heard we were helping him pick up the
rubbish he was a bit shocked and happy we were
helping him. Then one day one of our classmates
gave mike lollies and a card to say thank you for always
cleaning environment. That girl wish she could put a happy
smile on Mike's face and it did. Mike was so happy that we
were helping him to clean.

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