Friday, September 20, 2019

Tongan games - Fine

On wednesdays our school had tongan games because it was tongan language week. There was lova tanta, Tolopato, Afeafe holo ( Dodgeball) and other more . Lova tanta is when you go inside a bag and you all state in a line when you Jump to the finish line. And the person who there in the finish line are the winner of the game. And Tolopato is can of like crickets but you have to hit the ball with your hands and there are 4 Codes you have to run to and 4 around the codes. Once when you hit the ball all of the four people standing around the codes has to run to other code but without getting touched by the ball. Afeafe holo ( Dodgeball) is kind of different from the way we play it because there has to be two people standing on Opposite side from the outside of line and they have to try and get us out by Throwing the ball at us and if we get touched by the ball the person who throws it goes to the middle and the person who got touched goes outside the line and try to get someone so they can come to the middle. I had a very fun and amazing time playing these games at school.

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